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Energy solutions for a healthier,

sustainable future

Who We Are

We know that everything we do has an impact on our planet, and we strive to reduce that impact as much as possible. Astra Energy Inc. is therefore built around the mission to do just that; develop clean and renewable energy projects that benefit communities, local economies, and the planet, while also creating shareholder value. Astra Energy accomplishes this through two avenues: 

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Investing in and developing renewable and clean energy projects in markets where demand is high, supply is limited and there is opportunity to address other imminent market needs.    


& IP

Cultivating a portfolio of intellectual property and global licenses for innovative renewable energy technology and generating projects to deploy that technology.

Doing our part to create an equitable, sustainable future.

Astra Energy Inc. is an emerging company in project development and renewable energy technology. Our corporate strategy focuses on securing technologies and assets, identifying viable market opportunities, and bringing together resources, expertise, technology, and defined action plans to execute first-in-class projects.

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