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  • Acquire and develop new and exciting technology. Create a valued intellectual property portfolio by way of securing global licenses for co-developing technologies that can convert multiple different waste streams into renewable fuel sources more efficiently, and at a considerably lower cost.

  • Develop projects that specialize in providing waste and energy solutions that will safely convert millions of tons of waste from municipalities and businesses into valuable clean, renewable biofuels, biodiesel, and jet fuel.  

  • Provide comprehensive material management services to communities seeking solutions to some of today's most complex environmental challenges. The systems used in the power facilities will greatly reduce or eliminate methane emissions from landfills, as well as reduce reliance on imported fuels by replacing them with biofuels made from agricultural products.


In 2009, Jamaica adopted an ambitious energy policy with the aim of reducing its reliance on fossil fuels and imports, cutting emissions by a third by 2030, and generating 20% of its power from renewable sources by 2030.

Over the last decade, significant progress has been made, but lagging development in key sectors, such as clean energy, ethanol production, and waste-to-energy infrastructure, is not only inhibiting the country’s ability to realize its full energy potential but leaving a significant gap in supply to meet rising demand.

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Astra Energy plans to construct a waste-to-energy (WTE) facility featuring the Regreen Total Waste System, an innovative system that converts municipal solid waste (MSW) raw material into biomass pellets, which are then converted to fuels using pyrolysis. 


  • Astra Energy’s Regreen WTE system can process approximately 13% of the MSW produced on the island annually.

  • The facility would have an annual output of nearly two million gallons of jet fuel for regional airports and 4.8 million gallons of biodiesel that can replace automotive diesel oil, which is widely used on the island today, as a source of energy.

  • The onsite recycling facility will further advance the government’s sustainability goals and contribute to the circular economy of the island.


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