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Energy solutions for a healthier,

sustainable future

Projects and Technology & IP

Astra undertakes projects that advance clean energy initiatives and contribute to newly thriving communities, while delivering measurable benefits to stakeholders and supporting clients in achieving their long-term strategic goals.

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Astra Energy identifies and develops clean energy and renewable energy projects in underserved markets around the world. The Company focuses on end-to-end development, including:

  • Identifying, acquiring, and developing physical land assets in strategic locations and markets.

  • Relationship building with local governments and community stakeholders.

  • Procuring contractors and professionals to design, develop, and construct the project. 

  • Capitalizing the project through financing and incentives such as carbon credits.

  • Power grid interconnection

  • Power marketing

  • Ongoing operations

  • Project financing/refinancing and sale 

& IP

Astra Energy is initially focused on securing and developing IP in the Waste-To-Energy (WTE) sector. WTE systems convert waste into clean, renewable biofuels, such as diesel and jet fuel. Astra will develop a valuable portfolio of WTE IP by acquiring, co-developing, and/or licensing emerging, WTE technology. We will then develop projects utilizing these technologies to provide emerging markets with a green solution to waste management and a consistent stream of renewable fuel sources at a considerably lower cost.

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Astra Energy Inc. and Uganda

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Fred Nyanzi (Astra), Greg Stinson (Ketza), the Uganda Minister of Energy and Mineral Development Ruth Nankabirwa and Dan Claycamp (Astra)