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Innovative solutions for modern

global energy needs


Our goal is to procure cost-effective projects that support the transition to a low-carbon economy while building a more secure and sustainable power sector for generations to come. 

Metal Recycling

Zanzibar 50 MW Clean and Renewable Energy Park  

Waste-to-energy - Zanzibar


350 MW Power Plant

Energy Generation - Tanzania


Regreen Research and Development

Waste-to-energy - California


By aligning our projects with underserved markets, we empower communities and future generations to share value and expand their potential, playing a critical role in socio-economic development.

Currently, most of Astra's projects are being bid in developing countries where existing access to electricity is less than 30%. We identify, acquire and develop physical land assets in strategic locations and build relationships with local governments and community stakeholders to extend modern energy to these communities; helping them grow and thrive.



Waste-to-Energy (WTE) systems convert waste in to clean, renewable biofuels such as diesel and jet fuel.

Astra will develop a valuable portfolio of WTE IP by acquiring, co-developing and/or licensing emerging WTE technology to provide emerging markets with a green solution to waste management and a consistent stream of renewable fuel source at a considerable lower cost. The Regreen Waste-to-Energy technology that Astra has acquired, promises to convert any solid waste material into a marketable, clean, reusable product.


Astra focuses on innovative and disruptive technologies that provide solutions and extend access to a more affordable, reliable and sustainable energy supply for the health of people and the planet.


Regreen Technologies Inc.


On August 5, 2022 Astra entered into definitive agreements to acquire Regreen Technologies Inc.

Regreen is the sole owner of the total waste system (TWS), a patented process using specialized technology to turn any solid waste material into a marketable product with zero bacteria and zero carbon footprint. This includes not only industrial, domestic, institutional, construction and commercial waste, but also includes specialized waste in organic forms such as food waste, feedstock, hemp, seaweed, palm leaves and green biomass.

The Regreen system is designed to eliminate the need for a landfill.

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Press Release - September 6, 2023

Press Release - August 11, 2022

Holcomb battery unit.jpg

Holcomb Energy Systems LLC


Astra Energy Inc. and Holcomb Energy Systems LLC ("HES") entered in to a joint venture creating Astra Holcomb Energy Systems LLC

("A-HES") to commercialize the HES In-Line Power Generator, ("ILPG") making scaleable, zero emission energy more accessible everywhere that electricity is needed.

The ILPG is a revolutionary clean energy technology that takes power input from any source - fossil fuels or renewables - and magnifies power output by over 200%.

A-HES will manufacture and distribute the HES ILPG and the HES Self-Sustaining Power Plant for residential, commercial and industrial buildings, renewable energy projects, electric vehicle charging stations and power grid applications.

On September 25th, 2023 Astra announced an agreement with HES that secures exclusive worldwide manufacturing rights to both technologies and to sub-license manufacturing rights to qualified joint venture partners.

For more information:


Press Release - September 25, 2023

Press Release - October 31, 2022


Three Sixty Solar


Three Sixty Solar is the developer of the first of its kind commercial Solar Tower. Three Sixty’s patent-pending design facilitates the deployment of solar panels in a manner that is substantially more energy dense than traditional ground-mount solar farms. Using as much as 90% less land space than conventional solar farms, Three Sixty is deploying towers in environments where space is at a premium due to cost, land constraints, challenging terrain, and other restrictions.


Astra’s partnership with Three Sixty Solar will enable renewable energy to be installed in a host of areas previously thought impossible. Together, Three Sixty and Astra look forward to building a more sustainable and energy independent future for all our partners.

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