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Accelerating progress 

towards a brighter and greener future

As a company that is inherently developed around accelerating progress towards a brighter and greener future by means of providing equitable access to renewable and clean energy sources, we recognize the powerful role we play in changing lives.


With our principles firmly rooted in supporting and contributing to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) we are committed to building a future that benefits all life on Earth, where people thrive, ecosystems flourish and the environment is preserved and rejuvenated.


of the world's energy supply must be powered by clean energy to achieve net- zero emissions by 2050.


people in the world still live without access to electricity. (Mostly in Africa and developing parts of Asia.)


jobs could be supported through renewable energy by 2030.


Sustainability is a core part of our organization and values. As important as it is to run our business and operations efficiently and cost-effectively, it is integral that we protect people and the planet in the process. 


Every single one of the 17 SDGs are interconnected and contribute to creating an equitable and sustainable future for people, creatures, and the planet. Believing that accountability and activism should be at the heart of every citizen and corporation, we build upon all 17 goals, but have carefully chosen to extend our core principles to help advance change in a meaningful way to the following six goals.


Eliminating barriers and preventing poverty is the ultimate lifeline to the full realization of human potential, and every being, particularly the poor and vulnerable has equal dominion to these basic given rights. Modern technology and energy provision ensures a link between infrastructure and opportunity, puts food on the table (SDG 2) mobilizes resources, funds education (SDG 4) and ensures access to clean water and sanitation (SDG 6), ensuring equal opportunities to rise above inequalities (SDG 10) and poverty.


What are we without our health and well-being? The will to change, the inspiration to create, the motivation to do better and the desire to connect are inherent in our capacity to progress and expand our livelihoods. Integral to the full realization of good health is educational support and access to quality essential health care and medicines. The provision of cleaner energy will also improve upon healthier cooking methods, provide jobs for prosperity and mental well-being and power facilities that provide birth support amongst countless other essential benefits.  


When most of the Earth’s surface is water-covered, and the global water crisis can be solved, it’s unimaginable that there are underserved communities without unlimited access to uncontaminated water for washing, bathing and drinking, that also removes the backbreaking work of physically hauling water from distant sources. As guests in the communities we serve, our integrity lies in providing technology that adheres to responsible use of water management while contributing to eliminating water scarcity for generations to come.


Our mission and guiding principles evolve primarily out of a passion for providing universal, rightful access to affordable, sustainable and reliable modern energy services. The progress of many of the other SDGs would be hindered without this essential contribution to the expansion of our global connectedness.


Strong communities have a significant sense of purpose and value and share in their expression, development and prosperity. When an inclusive, respectful, collaborative community evolves from a city that celebrates those virtues with accessible infrastructure, affordable housing and protective measures for health and safety, individuals and families thrive. Access to modern energy is an essential ingredient in communities, providing positive environmental impacts, enabling resilient economic growth and contributing to a healthy expansion of human potential.


There’s a delicate balance between human progress and the natural environment so it’s imperative that as an energy company we make environmental stewardship a fundamental responsibility. As our organization grows we will ensure that our activities and the natural environment can coexist for the collective benefit of all.


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